Written by Ina Forsman

My heart it howls

My nerves are breaking any minute now

Time crawls like a snake then sneaks up from behind

It`s time to do my favourite mistakes

To forget him tonight

Keep the conversation up my head`s floating in the sky

And if I forget your name well it happens all the time

Better be ready when it all comes down

You say you are a man oh how I wish 

You would`ve showed it by now

Do you think you could do what you promised

What you always talk about

I`ll be gone in one blink oh baby

If the only thing that`s big is your mouth


This could be all this could be a thing

I`m searching my words from the bottom of my drink

This could be everything that I`ll ever need

So pour your bubbly kisses down on me

I`m heading down

My signals are delivered any second now

My frustration can be sensed when you get close

Getting intoxicated just by the smell of your cologne

You don`t have to put the spell cos I`m yours anyway

And the next whiskey double will probably do the same thing

Better be ready to do as I planned

I need you to be a man what part of it don`t you understand

Do you think you could hold me baby

Why you look so confused

I am willing and patiently waiting

For you to find me wearing nothing but my blues


I could do without you

But don`t you try to leave

Pour your bubbly kisses

Pour it all on me

I could do without you

No matter how you feel

Into the morning sun I will run even with one broken heel

I said oh I could do without you

But it wouldn`t be this fun

Even though you slip up 

And go tell everyone

Oh I could do without you

But I don`t wanna be alone

But you know I will send you home

If I have to do it on my own

I don`t wanna do it on my own

Do you think you could show me baby

How does it feel when it`s done right

You can be sure now that I will leave you lonely

But before that I will blow your mind