Written by Ina Forsman

Sometimes you get so serious

But baby that`s alright with me

Though sometimes it gets me furious

That`s why I know your in it for real

And then again sometimes 

You`re so god damn mysterious

You know exactly what I mean

Baby your love is genius

Don`t hide it behind the walls 

Where I can`t see


Cos it`s Genius

It`s Genius

Oh baby baby my oh my

your kind of love is hard to find

it`s so Genius

It`s G-E-N-I-U-S

You`re love is genius

You know that I`m a sagittarius

So staying still is not my type

But everyday you make my legs shake 

My worries fade away

For you I will sit down and try


It`s amazing to see

How good loving can be so easy

When the lightning strikes 

I know that you`re gonna be there

It`s so genius

Your love is so genius

baby baby my oh my

baby my my my

Baby baby my oh my

Baby my my my

Your kinda love

Your kind of loving

Your kinda love is hard to find