Written by Ina Forsman

Ladies and gentlemen
I`m so glad to be back at it again

Never thought I`d get this sentimental

But I must I have to

Been holding these emotions

Beating heart inside a statue

You`ve seen nothing yet

I`m a rose about to bloom
Let me take you for a walk

Down the avenue of chapter two

Chapter two
I`m here to blow your mind

With my rhythm and my blues

Something old with something new
Cos nothing legendary ever comes

From following the rules

I`m here to get mine MINE
I hope you don`t mind MIND
I`m having a good time TIME
I came to get

I`ve been working hard

Been on the road been off the road

They still like to talk but they don`t know
All of you who don`t believe

I`m here to tell you
That this beat is sick like ah ah


Bless me
I`m what they call good kinda cocky
That means I`m the best but I don`t say it
I let you do your thing and let you say it instead

Like ohmygawd you`re so amazing
Who thought that this chick would be so blazing

But I stay humble no matter what you saying

Sometimes it`s good to be crazy


I might never make it big

I`m aware I know

But one thing is for certain

I got so much more soul
Than anyone on the radio or

the music videos
Where every song has the same structure

flow and tempo

I`m so sick and tired of this bullshit
Beautiful song has no value if it`s not a hit
Here I come with a brand new tactic
Throwback Thursday

let`s play some real music