Written by Ina Forsman

Baby we built this

Mess all by ourselves

Ain`t got nothing but dust

Lyin on our old bookshelves

Big windows let the light in

But everything under a shade

Ain`t got no pretty picture

To put in these dirty frames


This house ain`t got no room for love

This house ain`t got no room for love

Should`ve build one spare room for sure

`Cos now this house ain`t got no room for love

Baby how I wish

We could find a way to go back in time

To figure out what went wrong

Did we build this house out of broken tiles

The water doesn`t run

And the flowers won`t bloom

The echoes go around this empty house

But I can`t seem to find no room


Baby we could`ve tried 

Just a little bit harder

To make this house a home

You know devotion could`ve been stronger

All the vivid colors

They have turned black and white

And I need some more than a flaming

Fireplace to keep me warm at night