Written by Ina Forsman

So now comes the time

To speak the words left unsaid

The same time you held my hand

You wanted to hold hers instead

Well plaid my friend

Your bitter farewell

Was a sweet hello

Hello for her

And just like your love

Soon she was gone

Oh boy you have some nerve


Now you want me back

You want me back just like that

Oh the second

I got used to be on my own

Well now you want me back baby

But I don`t want you back no more

I ain`t gonna lie

Wanted you back for a long time

Wondering all day and night how you got me

To stick around all this time

Oh it was cruel

But I got over you

Now you`re here again 

after all that you put me through

All of a sudden

You want my love

And oh how you care

Oh boy don`t you even dare


Let me just say 

I really longed for this day

But the tears I had to dry

Made me decide it`s too late

The reason I build myself up from the ground

Wasn`t just to find out you want a second round