Written by Ina Forsman

I don`t think you`ll understand so I`d rather not explain

Though I felt it was even harder when you were still my man

I broke your heart you stole my dog

Is that how you forgot me this fast

And by talking around the town that I`m a cheater

I didn`t deserve that

I know it`s asking a lot from you to take all of this pain

`Stead of walking hand in hand you just stood up in my way

It doesn`t mean that I don`t love you when I say goodbye

By now you hate my honesty so I`m not gonna lie


As you go for better

I`m here getting worse

I`m pretty messed up

But I never meant to hurt

As you go for better

I`m here getting worse

I`m pretty messed up

But I swear I love you more than her

When it comes to money well I didn`t tell you I was broke

I told you I was saving it well I spent it all on a smoke

Ran out just as fast as a cloud up in the air

And if I told you you wouldve said I had a problem

And that`s not fair

Does it make you feel like a man to say we were a mistake

All those dreams and plans that I just had to smash and break

Well you can put me down, put me down just all you want

And you can even call me a bitch but I will never be your dog


Sorry that I never told you the real reason why

Sorry `bout all the empty closets and bills I left behind

I know that you will understand though it will take some time

I just had to do things my way for that I`ll never apologise


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